Web We Wove

Web We Wove was a temporary sculpture created by Faith Purvey and Shaunna Foster in the Organ Mountain’s Achenbach Canyon, installed for 2 weeeks. Hikers who make the journey to Achenbach Canyon traverse ever-changing landscape, following switchbacks along a ridge where rocks unfold into vast meadows. Like hands parting, the landscape generously reveals its hidden places to those who invest in getting there.

The site features a rain-fed cattle tank and natural watering area. Using 30 ft lengths of durable Kevlar lashed together with burlap twine, Faith and Shaunna wove a web. It was anchored to an old cement wall using existing hardware and held sculptural reflective droplets. Visible from a distance, from up close, or from below, the web invited hikers to consider the ancient creatures who have always lived here. As a response to the place, Web We Wove exaggerated and expressed something about the site that is essential, timeless but sometimes forgotten. Special thanks to Lauren Goldstein and Eric Shack.