From Your Vantage Point

From Your Vantage Point postcards were developed for a call by West End Art Depot to create art about the OMDP. The Depot was a DIY arts collective based in Las Cruces from 2012-2016, operated by Chris Bardey and Shaunna Foster. For their exhibition Monumental, Faith Purvey produced a series of four postcard images and questions about people’s experience in the Organ Mountains. Visitors to the exhibition were asked to fill out a postcard with their answers, enter their mailing addresses on the back side, and hang the postcard on the wall for the duration of the exhibition. Alongside the postcards, Faith installed a large painting and video created in response to the monument.

The postcards functioned as an interactive project for Monumental but also gathered the information of people who care for the monument, who willingly participate in creative projects and who might be interested in future OMO projects. A second set of the cards were distributed at an OMDP-themed poetry reading at Southwest Environmental Center to celebrate the Monument anniversary in May 2016.